Holden Beach is a small family oriented beach known for its
relaxed atmosphere, excellent fishing conditions, and
numerous surrounding golf courses.  The Gray Gull is located
only 3/4 a mile from the Holden Beach Bridge on the mainland
side and is near many restaurants and shops. The Robinson
Family has owned this 17 room motel with a non-diving pool  
for over 20 years. The clean, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere
keeps people coming back to Holden Beach and The Gray Gull
Motel year after year.

Average Yearly Weather
Month        Air (max/min)   Water
January           55/34                 49
February         58/36                 51
March             66/43                 56
April              74/51                  66
May               81/59                  71
June              85/68                  79
July               89/72                  80
August          88/71                  80
September     85/65                   77
October         77/54                  77
November      69/45                  70
December      59/38                  50
The Gray Gull at Holden Beach, NC
Gray Gull Motel